Incredible Wakes for an Affordable Price

Big Wakes on a small boat is what makes the 21 MLX truly unique—making it the perfect entry point for Malibu’s Wakesetter line-up. This 21-foot boat was carefully selected to have all the standard features that you need to wakeboard and wakesurf all for a great value. The traditional bow lets you smoothly glide across any water condition while still letting you fill your boat with the perfect crew of 14. Now you can experience Malibu’s extreme performance at an extreme value.

Length – 21′

Beam – 98″

Weight – 4500 lbs

Draft – 27″

Capacity – 14

Fuel – 48 Gallons

Max Ballast – 3690 lbs


New Malibu Wakesetter 21 MLX's Available for Sale

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