Brian Groh Testimonial

“We’ve used the boat now for one full season. We’ve rediscovered the absolute joy of water sports. It’s a pleasure every time we head out on the water. It was a lot of money. But we can truly say that this was one of the best purchases we’ve ever made. This boat enables the lifestyle we were searching for.”

Brian Groh


John McMahon Testimonial

“I trust you had a successful year and it looks the new store is making rapid progress towards competition. I wanted to drop a note to express how happy we are with our purchase of the new boat. We thoroughly enjoyed it this year and look to many more great years with a Malibu. Everything about the purchase was first class, from our first test drive through delivery and the patience your staff showed when I would call. You have a great product and great company, and that is the winning formula! I want to call special attention to Sara, out at the New Germany location. She is awesome. You could not have a better person handling your customers. She is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful on the phone, a delight to meet, and communicates well with customers. She carries forward what you and your staff do at the showroom.

Have a great Christmas and hope to see you at the Boat Show!”

John McMahon

Family Testimonial

“We launched our new boat last Sunday. Our Sunsetter is fabulous! You were right…..It is everything you said it would be and more. We love it so much. Thanks for all you help and great salesmanship. I know we will be doing much business with you. ..and so will our Eagan friends!”

Russ and Kathy and Meghan (Mike and Molly, too)

Lars Flink Testimonial

“Prior to our purchase we did a significant amount of research, visited countless boat dealers, and test drove a number of boats. Making the choice to purchase a Malibu, and more importantly to choose a dealership was a decision we have never had a second thought about. The entire purchase process, from educating us about Malibu to ensuring the entire experience was a low pressure atmosphere aimed at making sure we got a boat that met our needs, was a pleasure. Simply put, we felt it was like dealing with a close family friend that had our best interest and satisfaction in mind.”

Lars Flink

Nikas Family Testimonial

“I can’t thank you enough! What a great purchase our 2008 Malibu Wakesetter 23 LSV has been. The boat speaks for itself; IT ROCKS! These are not my words. This is the consistent response from everyone that rides in, behind or drives our boat and pretty much tells the story. The boat gets noticed and the outstanding stereo doesn’t hurt this claim at all.

Being a first time boat owner, I wanted more than a new boat. I wanted a relationship that I could count on after the money changed hands. I looked at, researched and drove as many boats as I could; recreational boats, ski and wakeboard boats, new and used boats. I visited all the dealers and spoke to boat owners. Malibu was a consistent favorite but, more impressive was the reputation of MN Inboard and the Mueller family.

The shopping experience with Matt was so easy. Why? He was informative and helpful about the boat buying process, honest, and didn’t say a bad thing about other boats. There was no pressure. He encouraged me to think about the best boat not only for my current needs but to also consider our needs in a few years and buy the best boat to satisfy those future needs. I visited and called Matt many times before buying and he helped me learn all I needed to know about boating, Malibu and MN Inboard. The boat was a surprise for my family and Matt helped all the way. It’s not often that my sons are speechless but this got ‘em. Wow! What a great day!

From the delivery of the boat and the “on-the-lake orientation” through answering my many questions, and servicing and storing the boat, MN Inboard has delivered. When the boat was delivered, Rob was almost as excited as we were. Vince and his service team have been incredibly responsive to our needs and have kept us informed and on the water. I know the differentiation always comes in service after the sale and MN Inboard is different – They have delivered 100% plus on service.

This was the beginning of the best summer we have had since moving to Minnesota . We were on the boat with friends and family all summer. We easily had two families onboard with room to spare, plenty of storage and enough engine power to wakeboard, surf or ski. And the presets make the switchover effortless and fast.

We could not have made a better decision on a boat or a dealer. We were all sad when we had to take the boat off the lake and can’t wait for summer to return.

Thanks Mueller Family and the MN Inboard Team!”

The Nikas Family

Pat Crotty Testimonial

“Minnesota Inboard in the Brainerd area is where we got our gorgeous Malibu boat and every time I go into the store I’m always getting a pleasant greeting and asked how the riding is going and how the boat is. They make you feel comfortable and actually care about if you are enjoying your experience with the boat. Of course it doesn’t take much to enjoy a Malibu boat, but they want to make sure everything with the boat is running smoothly and if we ever have any questions they are right there to answer them and happy to do it. It’s nice to buy something from someone who cares about what they are selling and take the time to get to know you instead of just trying to sell it. The people at MN inboard really do have a passion for Malibu boats and because of them I have gained a true love and passion for Malibu boats as well.”

Pat Crotty

Cole Perkins Testimonial

“Just wanted to drop a line and thank you for all the work on our boat and the extra pair of speakers, ballasts and also the Malibu guide ons for the trailer. I’m sorry we came to you with such a complicated problem but I’m glad it got fixed in a timely matter. That is why we bought from MN Inboard. We knew you guys would do everything you could to service us. We appreciate your hands on efforts, Malibu’s efforts and all the guys in the service shop at New Germany.

I can’t even tell you how much fun we’ve had as a family in it since it’s been fixed. The extra ballasts have been perfect for surfing.”

Thanks again,
Cole Perkins

Keith Neva Testimonial

“Since taking delivery, I believe that this boat is one of the most perfect purchases I have ever made. It does everything I want it to do, and more. The quality is great, the room and layout is perfect, and the styling is exactly as I hoped.
Working with Minnesota Inboard since taking delivery has been great. They are very helpful with service and storage. I have had a couple of issues that have needed repair, and these issues were handled quickly and easily. In total, I have been very pleased with my boat and with working with Matt, and all of the members of Minnesota Inboard. I will definitely buy my next boat there as well.”

Keith Neva

Ben Thomas Testimonial

“Matt convinced us to try the Wakesetter VTX at the on-water boat show and we could not be happier. Further, the dealership, namely Matt has been wonderful to work with. We have been taken seriously despite our age and he has always been personable and responsive. I would unquestionably recommend the Malibu VTX to anyone looking for the do everything boat. From on-water experience I can tell you, this boat is truly a top performer. We could not be happier. Further, the dealership, namely Matt has been wonderful to work with. We have been taken seriously despite our age and he has always been personable and responsive. I would unquestionably recommend the Malibu VTX to anyone looking for the do everything boat. From on-water experience I can tell you, this boat is truly a top performer.”

Ben Thomas

Daniel P. Perinovic Testimonial

“Having owned a MasterCraft, I was skeptical about changing brands. However, your guys did a great job of rigging the boat (especially the dual battery system-looks heavy duty and very professional)…the boat rides great – specifically in big water, fast out of the hole…not one rattle when you hit a wave and the seating configuration provides a lot of room. From an overall quality perspective, although Mastercraft does a great sales job in this area, in my opinion this boat is heads and shoulders above my X30. Happy Client!”

Daniel P. Perinovic

Kiley Family Testimonial

“After our family and friends skied, wakeboarded, wake skated and surfed a full summer behind the Malibu VTX, I can truly say that Malibu has engineered the best V Drive in the 20 foot category. We made the right decision! Prior to purchasing this boat, we had owned a closed bow Ski Nautique 196 for 9 years and previous to that, two Mastercraft closed bow Pro Star 190’s. Although they were excellent boats that gave us a great ski wake, we needed to upgrade to a larger boat that would give the family and friends more storage and seating area. Our concern at the time was that we would be giving up a great ski wake if went to a V drive boat. My wife made it clear to me that she would not be in favor of purchasing another boat if we are going to lose the ski wake we have enjoyed over the many years we had skied behind inboards. In the fall of 2007, we test drove the 2008 Mastercraft X-2 (V Drive) and X-14 (Industry’s largest Inboard), Supra 20 SS, (V Drive) Ski Nautique 211(V Drive) and the Malibu VTX.
The Malibu VTX with the Diamond Cut Hull out performed the other boats we had tested by a clear margin. Unlike the other boats we drove, this boat did not need a trim tab to try and make a ski wake. Not knowing that much about Malibu boats, I was trying to stay with the Mastercraft and/or Ski Nautique line that I was familiar with since we were always impressed with the workmanship, especially the Ski Nautique. We test drove on two separate occasions (two dealers) the Ski Nautique 211 which is also rated a Class tournament ski boat, and the Mastercraft X-2 and X-14 to make sure I was making the right decision. Besides having a great ski wake, the VTX ballast capacity was much greater than any of their boats we tried. Also, you had the option to add a power wedge to increase and/or shape the wake. Overall, this combination gave us 2100 lbs of weight for wake boarding, surfing etc.

Malibu also had other significant features that stood out over the competition. Since the tower is much lighter, it takes seconds to lower down to windshield height when storing in the garage. The VTX with tower can clear a standard 7 foot door height. We also like the storage capacity which is much greater than any boats we looked at. This boat also handled better, especially when making turns. Great performing boat!”

The Kiley Family

Todd Gaughan Testimonial

“I wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the experience of purchasing our new boat from MN Inboard. It was everything we could have ever asked for. When we started our boat buying research we read reviews about how well you run your shop and that was very much evident in working with Matt. We would not hesitate to buy all of our boats from you after this experience. So thank you, and a big thank you to Matt who really knows how to treat a customer.”

Todd Gaughan

Kathy Babich Testimonial

“Two years ago, I was a widow with little to no boating experience and a teenage son who wanted to wakeboard. As I compared boats to get in the game, quality and performance were largely assumed and expected. I needed a dealer who provided more than a great boat-I needed someone who could teach me how to boat, starting with the basics.

Minnesota Inboard not only provided us with a superior product but also the customer service, support and education that allowed my son and me to become confident and successful wakeboarding with our Malibu.

From teaching me how to tow, launch and drive the boat, to getting my son wakeboarding lessons, you and Minnesota Inboard far exceeded my expectations for service and support. I would encourage anyone new to boating to go with a Malibu through Minnesota Inboard. You are not only buying a boat—you are investing in an experience and a relationship.

Thank you for a great boat and a great experience!”

Kathy Babich M.D.

Paul Douglas Testimonial

“My family loves the water, and we searched high and low across the metro area for the right boat, and the right company to stand behind that boat with excellent support and knowledgeable, helpful staff. We came to the conclusion that Minnesota Inboard Water Sports in Excelsior is, without question, the best solution for our needs. We wanted a boat that would work for water skiing, wake boarding and tubing, but large enough to use for weekend cruises with friends. I’ve been thrilled with not only the boat, but the service after the sale, your willingness to go above and beyond and help us with not only maintenance but transportation, making sure we’re getting the most out of our Malibu. In a day and age when consumers are paying more for less, Minnesota Inboard stands out. You’ve consistently under-promised and over-delivered and we couldn’t be happier with our purchase and the people we’ve met along the way. Thank you for an outstanding experience!”

Paul Douglas
Founder, WeatherNation LLC