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Joe Gunter

Years at Minnesota Inboard? 18 months What boat do you ride behind? Axis A22 What is your favorite part about the boat? SSSSSURFGATE What board do you ride? Obrien Bruce Wakeboard/ Phase 5 Swell Surfboard How long have you been riding? 20 Years What is your favorite part about Wakeboarding/Surfing? Watching someone learn a new trick for the first time! Who is your favorite rider? Stacia Bank/ Tarah Mikacich What is your favorite trick to see? What is your favorite trick to do? Dan’s back 5. Can’t be Scarecrow Joe without the Scarecrow What is your favorite boat color? Charcoal Metallic What is your favorite 80’s movie? Point Break was in 91’ but its close enough! What actor/actress would best portray you in a movie about your life? Sean Penn as Spicolli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High What song are you listening to on repeat currently? Sam Feldt – Shoe Me Love – EDX Remix If you could have dinner with any one dead or alive, who would you choose? The most interesting Man in the World, I bet he’s pretty interesting! If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be? Protein Bars Why do you choose to ride for Minnesota Inboard? There’s no better place in the world. Where else will you find the best people and the best product! What message would you like to share with all the kids looking to take the next step in riding? Don’t forget to smile, if you’re out on the water you’re already headed in the right direction! Any other shout outs you want to throw out there? A big thank you to the MN Inboard family for bringing a kid from Fargo into a world of all the stuff that he loves!