The Alpha.  The Unsurpassed.  The Unyielding.  The Unrivaled.  The M240.

The undisputed flagship of the iconic Malibu brand, this completely new 24-foot luxury wake beast delivers the highest level of comfort, convenience, technology and wake performance available today. With new exclusive features such as ultra-fast-filling Malibu Launch System 6 Ballast™ that fills in under three minutes and Surf Gate® Fusion which is integrated into the exclusive new M-Line Hull for the largest and cleanest surf swells in the wake boat industry, the M240 brings you something the water has never seen before. If you are looking for unsurpassed luxury, unyielding performance, and unrivaled innovation, the M240 is for you.

Length – 24″

Beam – 102″

Weight – 7500 lbs

Draft – 32″

Capacity – 17

Fuel – 86 Gallons

Length, tongue folded, platform on – 27’5″

Length, tongue folded, platform off – 26’1″

Height, tower down, racks off – 8’2″ Gx  18″ wheels

Height, tower up – 11’2″ Gx 18″ wheels 

Standard Ballast – 3200 lbs

Bow – 360 lbs

Rear PNP – n/a

Power Wedge III – 1500 lbs

Max Ballast – 4700


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