Excelsior   (952) 474-1742     Baxter  (218) 822-4401     Detroit Lakes  (218) 583-7000

What boat do you ride behind?

2015 Malibu Wakesetter 23 LSv with Surf Gate

What is your favorite part about the boat?

Besides the wake, I really appreciate the ergonomics of the cockpit.  I spent more time driving than riding(3 kids and my lovely wife to share water time with), that I can sit in the drivers seat all day and remain comfortable.

What board do you ride?

Phase Five Stacia Bank Pro Model and Liquid Force TC Custom

How long have you been riding?

Wakesurfing for 9 years

What is your favorite part about Wakesurfing?

It really fits our “outdoor lifestyle”.  We do it all: Waterskiing, Wakesurfign, Barefooting, Wakeboarding, Tubing and floaty skiing!  The sport is super social and build comaradeire. Where else can you take you family/friends out all day, in close quarters and still leave wanting more?

Who is your favorite rider?

Stacia Bank, of course!

What is your favorite trick to see? What is your favorite trick to do?

Love the Pete Rose in wakeboarding or Giant Air in Surfing.  Favorite trick to do is heelside airs.

What is your favorite boat color?

I am a sucker for metal flake!  Charcoal Metallic or Black Metallic with a hint of Red or Blue.

What is your favorite 80’s movie?

Breakin’ 2 – Electric Bugaloo

What actor/actress would best portray you in a movie about your life?

Patrick Swayze in Road House…..”Pain don’t hurt”

What song are you listening to on repeat currently?

Taylor Swift always seems to get stuck in my head?

If you could have dinner with any one dead or alive, who would you choose?

Stacia for sure!

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?

Carbone’s Pizza – Pepperoni with Extra Cheese on Original crust over cooked about 2 minutes!

Why do you choose to ride for Minnesota Inboard?

Product, Staff, Support, Quality, Service, Opportunity, Fun!!! What a great TEAM!

What message would you like to share with all the kids looking to take the next step in riding?

Keep it FUN!  Being on the lake is a blast!  With time and dedication, your skills will improve.  A positive attitude will help you through the process of learning those frustrating tricks, and make it even more special once you hit them!

Any other shout outs you want to throw out there?

Our kids, the Banklets, Afton, Sayer and our little girl Ryan!

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