“Two years ago, I was a widow with little to no boating experience and a teenage son who wanted to wakeboard. As I compared boats to get in the game, quality and performance were largely assumed and expected. I needed a dealer who provided more than a great boat-I needed someone who could teach me how to boat, starting with the basics.

Minnesota Inboard not only provided us with a superior product but also the customer service, support and education that allowed my son and me to become confident and successful wakeboarding with our Malibu.

From teaching me how to tow, launch and drive the boat, to getting my son wakeboarding lessons, you and Minnesota Inboard far exceeded my expectations for service and support. I would encourage anyone new to boating to go with a Malibu through Minnesota Inboard. You are not only buying a boat—you are investing in an experience and a relationship.

Thank you for a great boat and a great experience!”

Kathy Babich M.D.

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