Joe, Matt and the rest of MN Inboard,

I would like to take sometime to thank you guys for the experience that we have had at MN Inboard. It has been one of the most enjoyable buying experiences we have ever had. There have been some bumps in the road but, you guys have always stepped up to the plate to completely fix them.

When we decided that we wanted to upgrade from our I/O to a high end inboard, we didn’t have much experience in the area besides, going out in a few boats before. We primarily shopped Malibu, Mastercraft and Nautique and were impressed by all three. We were most impressed by Matt and how he was selling his product and telling us what Malibu did right not, what everyone else was doing wrong. Matt helped us decide what boat he thought would best fit our needs, and was right on. Matt, helped us pick colors for our boat, he had no problem making up bunches of coloring options and helping us decide what colors worked well with others.

We then took delivery of the boat and were again impressed that Matt was willing to come in early to deliver the boat to us, and then took us out on the lake to give us a quick rundown of all features of the boat. We were used to the salesmen showing us a few things while the boat was on the trailer and then sending us out the door, it was great to get on the water right away, and have Matt show us everything. One of the first things Matt told us was that our seats were stained, with some kind of detergent or soap and that the crew could not get the stains out. He suggested having an upholstery shop look at them but, when we said we wanted to get them reskinned, he had absolutely no problem setting this up and getting it done!

The boat itself is amazing! We decided to go with the Wakesetter VTX, and it has been a very good choice. The boat is made with great quality and we have had no major problems with the boat! Whenever we had an issue, whether it was a minor issue with the gauges on the ballast tanks or a question on how to operate something Matt and Vince were always ready with a quick answer. The boat’s performance is amazing…we are able to do anything we want/need to and the boat is ready to go, and it exceeds our expectations. We frequently get comments on the looks and coloring of the boat, as well as the performance when people come aboard for the first time. We are impressed by the versatility of the boat, mostly that we are able to switch sports in a matter of minutes. We can go from slalom skiing, to wakeboarding, to surfing, to barefooting, to anything very quickly. Not only are we able to switch, the ballast tanks and Wedge allow us to customize the boat for all of the sports, it is great!

The service department at MN Inboard has been great, Vince has always had everything fixed and ready to go, with the few minor problems we have had. We had an issue with the ballast tanks, and that was solved quickly. The seats were repaired when promised and you can not tell there is anything different about them. We decided to order tower speakers and the day before we were to pick the boat up, Matt called us and said that the speakers were not available. Instead, he offered to substitute some upgraded speakers, which we were amazed at. When we decided that we wanted to add 2 more tower speakers, we were able to get the upgraded ones matched, and installed quickly! When one of the speakers was not working properly, Vince tried to troubleshoot the problem over the phone, we tried to fix things and eventually had to bring the speaker in, it was quickly addressed and repaired. Overall, the customer service has been fantastic!

We have been very pleased with our experience,

The Penkivech’s

P.S.-I am going to send a CD down to you, feel free to use the pictures however you want.

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