As a family who owned a Malibu Response LX for 9 years, we knew that we were going to get another Malibu but the question was which one?  Due to a family with 2 young boys, we decided that a v-drive was going to be our next boat, but were very concerned about the ski wake.  After spending countless hours with Matt and debating between the VTX and VLX, we elected to go with a VLX on a diamond hull.  We took Matt’s word for it that the boat would be a great all around boat, and once the boat arrived and was broken in, we discovered Matt had under-promised and over-delivered!  The ski wake is more than satisfactory for slaloming and the boat is also great for barefooting, wakeboarding, surfing, pulling kids in tubes, etc.  The performance of the boat is almost as impressive as the great looks of the boat and the additional space has been fantastic.  We would like to thank Matt and MN Inboard for their patience as we struggled to put together our next perfect boat (color combinations, options, etc.), but it was certainly mission accomplished with our VLX!  Lastly, we need to give Vince and the crew at the service center a big ‘thank you’ as they are always great to work with and have taken very good care of us over the years.


Jason & Jodi Radel

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